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We asked Flat Lizard Brewing to craft a beer that embodies the sense of outrage when your community's voice is not heard, your 900-strong petition is called "fake", and your local bowlo has been falling to bits from 7 years of neglect.  We've called it Stafford's Bitter.
Brewed right here in Stafford.
Pre-order now for pickup
from Flat Lizard after 15 August 2023.

Stafford Hub is managing orders on behalf of Flat Lizard and will receive some proceeds from each sale.  Proceeds will be used in the campaign for a community hub at the Stafford Bowls Club.  Any leftover funds after the campaign will be donated to Meals on Wheels.  Payments processed securely through Stripe and your details won't be used for anything other than fulfilling the order.  The artwork shown on the can below is what you'll receive, however the packaging may be slightly different.  You will be able to pick up your order after 15 August at Flat Lizard, 18A Harvton St, Stafford.  If available earlier, or if dates change, we'll let you know by email.  Thanks for supporting your community and local businesses.

A little bitter

Stafford's Bitter

4 x 375mL cans

Bitter with friends

Stafford's Bitter

16 x 375mL cans

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