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OLGR Submissions on the Gaming License are Open!  Here's a quick guide.

It's critical to get OLGR submissions in as soon as possible.  If you're new to this fiasco, scroll down a bit for the backstory.

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Deadline: 26 March 2023

Address your submission to


Please send them in yourselves, but also send them to so we can take any great ideas and research and reuse them! 


Subject line examples - put your name or initials at the end as well so they don’t lose you:


Community comment submission on Gaming License for “Club Stafford” - XYZ

Submission on gaming license at 352 Stafford Rd, Stafford (from XYZ)

Objection to Club Stafford gaming license (XYZ)


Body text - this is yours to write.  Start with referring to the specific application again:


To the Commissioner / Licensing Manager,


Re: Club additional premises gaming license at “Club Stafford”, 352 Stafford Rd


The best submissions are factual, backed by evidence (but don’t let that stop you sharing opinion), and are specific to this application for the Bowls Club.  General comments about poker machines or gaming, or topics outside of gaming, are less likely to be considered by the commissioner.


Any submissions will be considered, but here are some good topics that we know the commissioner considers relevant:


  • Whether the number of gaming machines will have an adverse effect on amenity or character of the area

  • Where there is evidence of adequate gaming already in the community

  • Where the applicant can’t demonstrate sustainable demand for the requested 76 poker machines

  • How the application detracts from a sense of community

  • Effects on worship, childcare, schools, gambling help providers, financial counselling services, veteran rehab facilities etc.

  • The number of objectors (you can refer to 907 signatories against the development, of which 70% were in Stafford and adjacent suburbs)

  • Vulnerable groups and people likely to be affected by the gaming license.  For example, any maps/research/comments from organisations that show why the placement of this license is likely to be detrimental to the community.

  • Whether the club additional premises license is in the best interest of club members

    • E.g. social members of the club are not full BRC members and are unlikely to see any benefit related to thoroughbred racing in their locality because the intent is that club revenue goes to other suburbs.  Note that about 66% of BRC members are social - not racing.  If their core purpose is racing, those majority social members in Stafford will never see the benefit.

    • E.g. the club is not providing any substantial amenity related to thoroughbred racing, sport or social activities are incidental and not core to the purpose of BRC

    • E.g. when considering BRC racing members, and local social members of the club, the primary benefit to racing will be at the expense of local social members (noting BRC strategic purpose of using community clubs as a diversified source of revenue to pay down debt and invest in racing infrastructure).  Refer to BRC strategic plan if interested in this.

    • Whether the facility is a genuine extension of the sporting/club amenity provided by the application, or simply a taking over, or conversion of existing premises - with no substantial changes.

  • Whether the club additional premises license is in the public interest

    • For similar reasons above, the purpose of BRC investment is to take revenue out of the local community and apply it to debt and horseracing.  See BRC strategic plan and annual reports.

Stafford deserves a vibrant community hub.

In October 2022, Brisbane City Council assigned the Stafford Bowls Club lease to Brisbane Racing Club without tender or consultation.

In a closed-door deal marred by conflicts of interest, council passed up the opportunity to work towards a new, positive, multi-decade legacy for the bowls club.

Instead, the club will house 76 pokies that generate revenue for Brisbane Racing Club to pay down debt and fund racing infrastructure.

This deal stinks and Stafford residents deserve better. 

SBC current.jpg

What are we asking?



Halt the lease, and conduct a transparent tender process for the Stafford Bowls Club.

Ensure that Brisbane Racing Club political donations don't influence the lease at the expense of our residents.



Build a vision for the Stafford Bowls Club that brings it to life as a community hub.

We don't need 76 pokies siphoning cash from our community. We do need the "Brisbane Vision" to be real.



Engage the Stafford community at every step from vision to development.

Don't treat residents as an afterthought when making decisions that will affect our community for decades.

Help us to get a better deal for Stafford.

Join our Facebook group.  It's the best way to stay up to date and get involved.  We have around 300 members.

The BCC e-petition is now closed.  We've hit
900 signatures!

Write to Councillor Fiona Hammond. Ask for action on our three points of integrity, vision, and consultation.

If you still have questions, or just want to know more, check out some more information below, or see the original Linktree site.

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